Thursday, 12 August 2010

Un-kept song

I do often wonder why that song was never kept.
Though it may have something to do with how I ruined our duet.
With highs and lows thrown here and there it is not hard to see,
That I obiviously can't keep up with my partner Tiffany.
It turned out so teribly that Tiffany ran off and wept.
But still I often wonder why that song was never kept.

A mother past

The memories of my mother are few and far between,
Her silken hair and glistening eyes seem distant as a dream.
But when i do next see her i'll know her there and then,
By recallling all the images in mind from way back when,
Weid play around the park all day soaking up the bright sunshine.
But when i do see her again i'll know i've had my time.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Eternal rest

I sat on my own filled deep with sorrow,
watching the sunrise promising tomorrow.
But I couldn't feel a drop of the suns rays,
as I flow through my never ending days.
As I walked towards the tower,
around me came a defening shower.
I couldn't feel it on my ice cold skin,
and the colours around me did not dim.
But as the rain tumbled down,
I could not hide my new made frown.
Because around me lay the dead,
their life sucked from them as they bled.
I remember how that night had felt,
a strange sensation like a tightening belt.
It came around my throught you see,
and it was as tight as tight can be.
Then out of the shadowy night,
came a rather gruesome sight.
As another like myself,
who seemed to have a lot of wealth.
Came towards me his teeth bared,
but by luck my life he spared.
Now as I remember it,
it does not seem quite to fit.
With the goings on in my head,
and the words that I have said.
I do wish that he had killed me,
so I could be at rest for eternity.

Leaving a lover

Sometimes I see clouds float by,
And they are high up in the sky.
Then on me it starts to rain,
And iI feel the terible pain.
The pain that I felt when,
You told me to leave, again.
so I packed and ran out side,
Past the beach and rolling tide.
I went to stay with a friend,
I went to bed to hope it would mend.

Don't turn away

Every time I turn your way,
I see you quickly turn away.
How come you never speak to me?
Just look over the fence from next doors tree.
I do like you can't you tell?
Do you remember the time you fell
Down from that tree next door
And lay there hurt apon the floor?
I came to see if you were okay.
But what do you do? . . . still turn away.

World safari

Penguins wadling to and fro,
jumping up and down in the glistening snow.
Lions and Tigers are on the prowl,
if you listen closely you'll hear them growl.
Monkeys swinging through the trees,
hoping they don't bump their knees.
Hippos wallowing in the mud,
when they jump in they make a loud thud.
Here are some animals that you may see,
if you go on a world safari.

Kids pictures

Black and white paintings on the wall.
Stickmen on bridges about to fall.
Candyfloss trees all coverd with fluff.
Boxes and bags all piled with stuff.
These are the things I loved to draw,
When I was one, two, three and four.